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Seattle Halloween 2014 ZomRomComProm: A Night to Dismember | Secret Location, Guerrilla Masquerade Party

From website:
ZomRomComProm: A Night to Dismember
November 1, 2014
9 p.m. | More info: Facebook

What’s a ZomRomComProm?  A Zombie-Romantic-ComedyProm, of course!  Think one part Warm Bodies, two parts Shaun of the Dead, a pinch of Carrie, a dash of Prom Night, and plenty of Walking Dead thrown in for good measure.

Imagine if, instead of Southern Comfort, the punch at your SeniorProm was spiked with some zombie-inducing agent.  Maybe a virus, as in 28 Days Later… or a voodoo poison, as in Serpent and the Rainbow… or maybe a government-created gas, as inReturn of the Living Dead.  No matter what it was, now the PromQueen is eating her runner-up’s brains, and the geeks are devouring the jocks.  The doors are inexplicably locked, there’s no place to hide, so you might as well just join in the fun, dance to Thriller, and make it a Night to Dismember!

Whether or not you attended your own prom, this coming of age rite of passage is well known for its tacky dresses and rented tuxes, corsages and boutineers, stretch limo rides, homemade decorations, awkward photos, dancing, and of course the PromKing and Queen.  Guerrilla Masquerade Party‘s spin on it will add some blood and guts to the mix, and plenty of BRAAIINSS!!!

We’ll be looking for photographers willing to capture the night on camera, make-up artists who can offer tips and tricks, and (sinceGMP is always DIY) we’ll be encouraging folks to bring balloons and streamers and anything else that might help set the mood of the prom at whatever lucky locations we invade (without pissing off said locations, that is).  The official colors for theZomRomComProm?  Black and Red, naturally!

As with every Guerrilla Masquerade Party, we’ll keep the location(s) a secret until the week of the party, so nobody spoils the surprise.

Be sure to RSVP on the Facebook Event, if you can, so we know how big the locations need to be…