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Seattle Naked Bike Ride Pictures & Info: Route Map, Body Paint, Nudity Facts, & More

Seattle Naked Bike Ride

The Seattle Naked Bike Ride is this Saturday. The weather is looking quite nice and should get a lot of people out there. Nudity is not required nor expected, but you an be as “bare as you dare”. If you are unable to make it, there will likely be another one at night in August. Below is bike ride info, nudity facts, etc to get you prepared. You can see many pictures in this Flickr set here (NSFW).


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More Naked Bike Ride Photos, Info, FAQs:

Seattle Naked Bike Ride (WNBR)
Saturday, July 7, 2012 | 2:30PM

Olympic Sculpture Park Beach
2901 Western Avenue  Seattle, WA 98121
MANY Pictures: pictures in this Flickr set here (NSFW) | Google Route Map here.


From WBNR Seattle Newsletter:
The first event of the Summer is the WNBR Seattle Downtown Day Ride on Saturday, July 7, 2012!

Yes, Summer has finally arrived! Our first World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) Seattle event of 2012 is this Saturday, July 7, 2012!Temperatures are expected to reach 76° F!

Every year, in cities around the world, thousands ride bikes naked to celebrate human-powered transport and the power and individuality of the human body. WNBR demonstrates the vulnerability of cyclists on the road and offers a simple, cheap, healthy + fun alternative to car culture. We hope you can join us!

While we encourage riders to “bare as you dare”, it is two days before Nude Recreation Week after all, nudity is not required or expected. Just come ride with us dressed for fun and spread cheer and inspire others with our pro-cycling message! You are always allowed to strip down as much as you like, when you feel comfortable. A swimsuit or undies are recommended if you want to go in the water without being naked. Remember, nude is not lewd! Looking for ideas? See some examples on our international WNBR Flickr photo group.

This is a grassroots, collaborative, D.I.Y. event, so bring your own body paint (and supplies), creative wearable art, musical instruments and bike art supplies. Things can go much smoother when you bring your friends to help out! Tell them to bring their bikes and they might even ride along with you! Check out ourpreparation page for resources for body art, bike art, as well as other things you should bring to the ride to be fully prepared.

As always, the latest scoop on the WNBR Seattle rides can be found on our WNBR Seattle Wiki Website.

Launching human-powered awesomeness from the Olympic Sculpture Park Beach, featuring beach access + a sweeping view of Puget Sound + the Olympic Mountains!

The WNBR Downtown Seattle start and end location is at Olympic Sculpture Park Beach. (Please refer to Olympic Sculpture Park Map). The address of Olympic Sculpture Park is2901 Western Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121. If you look at the map, the beach is located at the North end of Foster Foundation Path, on the South end of Myrtle Edwards Park, off the Elliott Bay Trail/Terminal 91 Bike Path. Please note we will not be going into the main areas of the park naked. Please stay minimally-dressed until right before we leave and stay off the pedestrian/bike trail until we are ready to leave.

The start location is hosted by the Seattle Free Beach Campaign (SFBC), dedicated to promoting clothing-optional and topfree use of local beaches through social and advocacy events. Join theSFBC Facebook page (new as of today), Seattle Beaches Yahoo! Discussion group (founded in 2006) and check out their SFBC Naked Wiki page.

For a detailed map of the areas you will want to know for the Olympic Sculpture Park Beach and surrounding area of our route (parking, restrooms, bike path access) please check outthis Google Map link.

The Ride Starts at 2:30 PM!! The ride will be an amazing tour of the urban core of Seattle! We will go along the Central Waterfront, through Pioneer SquareDowntownPike Place Farmer’s Market, the Pike/Pine Coridor, Capitol HillBelltown and the Seattle Center International Fountain (video) and back to the OSP Beach to finish off the day with a Seattle Skinny dipping Record Attemptand small after ride chill time!

Please bring a creative minimum amount of clothing for the ride (undies, loincloth, sock, pasties, loincloth or thong) in case you need it.

Don’t forget to have your bike tuned up, tires pumped and make sure your bicycle is properly fit to your body size.This is all very important to having an enjoyable experience!

Please use the restroom before we start the ride at 2:30 PM!Leave plenty of time and plan ahead for this! (See map for restroom locations closest to the beach).

Tourists + Seattleites alike love the creativity, exuberance + spontaneity of the naked cyclists!


From Naked Bike Ride Wiki:

Global mission

The message of WNBR focuses on promoting cycling. Find out more about the WNBR global message see the global WNBR message section

Local goals

“Reclaim our streets, our bodies, our parks, our city, our self-reliance!”

Beyond the above goals, the WNBR Seattle event focuses on the following:

  1. Community building. Have fun and express our creativity while engaging and enjoying various communities in Seattle. Celebrate both the diversity and the oneness of the human experience.
  2. Protest oil dependency and advocate renewable energy sources; the joy of cycling; sustainable, car-free transportation solutions; and walkable communities. Bicycles are BEST – Better Ecologically Sustainable Transport.
  3. Bring attention to the local safety concerns of cyclists. Help people begin to see cyclists [1] and share the road. Sharing the road does not mean cars get the lane and bikes get the gutter or car door lane! (See also
  4. Rejoice in the power and individuality of our bodies. Promote body-positive ideals and activities. Advocate the development of free beaches in Seattle and encourage more family-friendly, clothing-optional use of community spaces.
  5. Show solidarity with other naked cycling events around the world. Many WNBR events will be riding on the same date.
  6. Generate interest in similar progressive and artistic regional events such as those organized by The City Repair Project – Village Building Convergence, Car Free SeattleSeattle HempfestFremont Arts CouncilSolstice Cyclists (, Seattle Critical Mass/AssBody Pride Ride (BPR)Naked Pumpkin Run Seattle, Green America’s Green Festival SeattleBurning Man and Regional Burning Man events.

For more info, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Survival basics

  • Water for the ride (we don’t want you to die). First leg of ride is about 15-30 mins (Some riders may just want to go on the short ride from Gas Works to the International Fountain). The full ride is expected to ride about 6 – 7 hrs or so including at least two moderate hills (which may be a challenge for some riders). 2 – 3 bottles of water at least.
  • Sunscreen (several people reported burns last year, facial/waterproof sunscreen is recommended if you want some on the face without being blinded by it dripping into your eyes). Put on the sunscreen FIRST then allow it to dry a bit before putting on bodypaint. Be sure to reapply it when necessary, especially after getting wet and sweating.
  • “minimum” to wear if necessary (please bring it with you on the ride). We also are recommending a t-shirt (possibly with long sleeves), if you are concerned about burning. Remember t-shirts do not completely protect you from UV rays. If you want more protection try Sun Precautions (there is a store in the Madison area).
  • Any snack you may want for the ride.
  • Your mobile phone, if you have one.
  • Seattle Bicycling Guide Map [2] and/or a basic understanding of how to get to your post-ride destination, wherever you may end up.
  • A large beach towel. The more colorful the better. You may want this for drying off after being in the water/getting sprayed, using at the beach and for yoga/stretching.
  • A date with your bike mechanic. Your bike should be tuned up and ready to ride! Check your tire pressure before rolling out. Don’t wait until these events before finding out what kind of maintenance attention your bike needs.


  • Your human-powered mutant cycle/skating vehicle (be sure to check it and ride it to make sure it is safe and problem-free before the ride). Be prepared to deal with a flat tire. Ride will probably not stop to help fix your bike (another reason to bring a “minimum” with you to cover up). You never know if your bicycle will fail and we can’t throw you and your bike on our backs and bring you with us. Leave plenty of time to schedule your bike to get looked at by a fully qualified mechanic. Check your tire pressure they day before and morning of the event.
  • bike lock will come in handy, you might want to have a lockup buddy to lock your bike up to if there is no rack available at any given stop.
  • Your helmet. Bike helmets now required in Seattle. Fine can be as high as $30. More info and [3].

Night Rides

WNBR Night Rides are all about blinky bike light insanity, radical costumes, kustom bike art culture and over the top body paint jobs to maximize the experience for riders and spectators alike. WNBR (and any other large bike ride IMHO) IS ABOUT BEING SEEN, HAVING FUN and getting others excited about cycling! You can buy bike lights at any good local bike shop. Top bicycle shops listed here:

Aside from your standard LED lights which you can find at any good bike shop, here are other sources for funky bike lights

  • Bicycle Tire Sparx
  • Hokey Spokes Trippy hypnotic spoke lights – Very cool!

Good karma

  • $5 – $50+ “love donation” to help pay for our permits, promotional expenses and sound system rental equipment. Help prevent the event coordinators and artists from going broke! They need your help! If you have money and feel strongly about this event and want to see it continue, please donate $$$. This can be done on the day of the event. Thanks for helping! Every little bit helps! (The Work Less Party USA and The Organic Living Party do not yet have a bank account, and BFC has offered to help out).
  • Invite others! Your significant other, friends, neighbors, co-workers, rabbi, and your entire family to help paint you (Our bodypainters will not be able to get everybody, find a buddy at the ride to help paint you if you need help).
  • Your creativity, a non-antagonistic, fun-loving attitude and common sense when it comes to respecting peoples’ personal space and ride safety.

Express yourself!

One of a few body painting privacy areas set up for the Seattle WNBR 2005 event.

See Body art and Art bike pages for more details.

While some will simply just like to remain clothed or simply naked, we highly recommend participants and artists to be creative and colorful! Bodypainting and bike decorating is highly encouraged! We will provide some areas for privacy from park visitors while bodypainting. We also have a restrictive photo policy.

Note: Put on your sunscreen and let it dry before painting, if possible.
  • Face paints. These paints are typically different than body paints. See Face Painting Designs, Ideas, Face Paints and Pictures
  • Non-toxic bodypaint There are a number of choices: textile acrylics, theatrical body paint, temporary tattoo paint, henna. Whatever you use check each color for the ASTM non-toxic label. Temporary tattoo paint is more expensive, but if applied to clean, oil free skin (that means no sunscreen) it will stay put and look good longer than textile acrylics which are prone to flaking.
  • Inexpensive foam brushes are favorites for applying the paint in broad strokes.
  • Painting and mixing containers. Reuse your yogurt tubs and plastic containers to mix paints and clean your brush. No glass!
  • $$$ Some artists will want some money to paint you. Paint and supplies cost money. Labor and time are also well worth your dollars. This is another good reason to bring a friend.
  • Compliments and smiles for your artist!
  • Optional supplies:
    • Sealer spray if you want it to stay on after being in the water. Ben Nye makes this. Display and Costume sells this.
    • Moist wipes, old rags or paper towels to wipe or wash off your hands.
    • Long mirrors, people like to see the progression of their paint job without having to walk to a bathroom or somewhere else to find a mirror. Tape edges thoroughly for safety. No broken glass!
    • Drop cloth, carpet square, chunk of cardboard or an old towel to stand on while being painted. (others may bring some too).
    • bucket, box, artist supply box, or backpack to carry your supplies.
    • Reference drawings/sketches, photos, and color tests to previsualize your ideas.
    • Airbrush setup to put on a lot of paint quickly and evenly and to blend colors nicely.
    • Hairdryer to help the paint dry (if there is a place to plug in).
    • Stencils
    • Hot/cold beverages and snacks.

Where to get stuff locally

Here are some good places in Seattle to get art supplies for WNBR:

What to wear? Do not fear!

For details, please see our Frequently asked questions

The World Naked Bike Ride dress code is “Bare As You Dare”… How bare is that ? How dare is that ?…Its all up to you, you decide what you are comfortable with. NO ONE IS EXCLUDED OR DISCRIMINATED AGAINST based on levels of clothing, bodypaint, or anything else, for that matter!

PLEASE be creative and colorful! Bodypainting and bike decorating is highly encouraged! See the above section on creative expression and also visit our body art page.

The laws on nudity, for the most part are a bit vague, difficult and often unpopular to enforce. The principal concern of most citizens is to eliminate creepy, predatory, exploitative, destructive and abusive behavior. WNBR is a fun, inspirational, non-confrontational body-positive event with a positive message of hope. That is why the ride has been such a huge hit and so many are supportive. Just use common sense and mind your manners! Nude is not lewd!

Since most of us did not grow up in a body-positive society, many will look at you with curiosity and amusement. You will probably notice that different sections of town have different cultural reactions to nudity. Some may feel mildly intimidated because they still might have issues with their own bodies and your shameless ways are unsettling to their body-phobic world. Just be friendly and respectful and things should be fine. Remember we are all human and we all have the same parts.

“Gymnophobia (from the Greek word for nude gymnos) is the fear of being (or seeing others) naked. A gymnophobic person usually wants to prevent others from experiencing the freedom of not wearing clothes.”

If you are concerned, you probably don’t need to cover up much to be “legal”. With the incredible transforming powers of a little body paint, liquid latex, a strategically placed sock, or a piece of duct tape you too can transform the average city streaking naked wild cyclist into “The legal city streaking naked wild cyclist”. Be creative: a little imagination can change everything.

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