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Seattle’s 2013 University District Street Fair Schedule & Info | Live Music, 300+ Food & Craft Booths

University District Street Fair

The longest running festival of its kind in the nation, The University District StreetFair starts Saturday and continues through Sunday. The event  features only products hand-made by individual artists and craftsmen in the USA. There will be more than 300 food and craft booths to enjoy along with two stages packed with entertainment.

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From website:
University District Street Fair University District StreetFair
May 18, 2013 | 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
May 19, 2013 | 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Free | All Ages
More info:

Vendors are between Brooklyn Ave NE and 15th Ave NE and between NE 41st St and NE 50th St. See Map here:

Now Celebrating its 44th consecutive year, the University District StreetFair is the longest running festival of its kind in the nation. In 1970, community leaders established the StreetFair to heal our community after protests, street riots and more broke the spirit of our community.

Originally a blanket-vending event with lots of free live music, the University District StreetFair has developed into a regional event that features only products hand-made by individual artists and craftsmen in the USA. In celebration of the international flavor of our community, we invite food vendors to participate along with our many local restaurants to give you an around-the-world taste experience.

Main Stage Line-up

The Main Stage is located on NE 43rd Street near Brooklyn Avenue NE.


10:15-11:00 The Portage Bay Big Band
“Seattle’s hardest working Big Band” has been playing the hits of the 30s and 40s for over thirty years. They’re always a crowd favorite, so put your dancing shoes on and come swing!

11:15-12:00 Velveteen Lotharios
Chris is the Michael Buble of Seattle: A young but seasoned musician and vocalist who can belt the Sinatra on cue, and who is bent on introducing a new generation of indie scene nightclub urchins to the brilliance of the Tin Pan Alley classics, and the many diamons to be found in the Great American Song Book!

12:15-1:00 Crown Hill
Crown Hill plays adult alternative rock with catchy hooks and lively grooves… combining the tight songwriting of Tom Petty, the musical sesibilities of The Band, and the soulful sounds of Amos Lee. Timeless music for the open road.

1:15-2:00 The Fabulous Party Boys
“Based in Seattle, The Fabulous Party Boys blend rock, soul, jazz, and electric tuba to create a new kind of party vibe. Their copositions are unique, stimulating, and always funky. Too groovy for standing still and engaging enough to intrigue the mind, each performance has something for the funkophile in all of us: positive lyrics, improvised solos, and a fun-loving attitude. With their funky beats and fat horns, The Fabulous Party Boys always leave you satisfied but wanting more.” – FPB

2:15-3:00 Catalyst
“Catalyst is a Seattle rock band. To get the full effect of the Catalyst experience they must be seen LIVE. Like any good band with good musicians they strive to put on the best live performance each and every time they play. The oneness each individual feels with their instrument and the oneness that is Catalyst combines to make a Catalyst LIVE show, unforgettable.” – Catalyst

3:15-4:00 The Roni Lee Group
Roni hails from So-Cal as a songwriter for Joan Jett and Lead Guitarist for Venus and the Razorblades. Joined by local artists Lynn Sorrensen and JEff Kathan… They Rawk!

4:15-5:00 Feverton
“Feverton is here to blow your funky mind. DJ Gentle Gee rocks the beat that moves your feet, while that cool cat Decurrian tells you stories about his dark world. The luscious voice of Miss S nibbles at your ear as you envision a world where love, passion and truth prevail. But the foreplay is over once the whole band–guitars, organ, horns, percussion–starts wailing, taking you for a ride that transends the packed blub that you presently occupy. This is more than music, it’s an out-of-body experience.” – Feverton

5:15-6:00 Jellyrollers
“From the backporch to the Super highway!” B.B. Award winning blues band, the Jellyrollers use Deep Delta Blues as a launching pad for live improvisation. Tight haromonies and dizzing guitar/harmonica interplay set them apart from the pack and their sound is authentic.

6:15-7:00 Witchburn
“Heavy, down tuned, southern fried, whiskey soaked sabbra cadabra. Their live show pulsates with seething and sultry, sweaty energy. Bringing as much groove as brutal thunder… Witchburn delivers passionate, moody southern metal, made even more potent by the band’s fierce energy and considerable musical chops.” – Witchburn


11:15-12:00 The Jazz Misfits
The Jazz Misfits play jazz, standards, tv and movie themes, classical and rock tunes, and original compositions. Trumpet, trombone, piano, bass and drums!

12:15-1:00 The Cumbieros
Fusing traditional Chilean style cumbia with ska and rock, The Cumbieros create fun, high-energy music that everyone can dance to. Baila la cumbia!!

1:15-2:00 Tumbuka
Tumbuka is a marimba band that plays African music drawn from traditional and contemporary styles.

2:15-3:00 Longstride
Longstride is the best new band set to explode onto the music scene. Longstride equals reggae-rock-groove with real melodies and amazing execution with a “high-energy, crowd moving” stage show.

3:15-4:00 Tangerine
Four-piece alternative pop band from Seattle with indie and surf influences.

4:15-5:00 City Faire
“From a North Seattle basement, City Faire works, blending heavy blues and old soul with a modern vibe only found in Seattle’s indie scene. With music that punishes the heart with a grippingly curious sound, City Faire is making their mark in the musical landscape that challenges listeners to pay attention.”

5:15-6:00 The Mothership
“The Mothership has landed in Seattle, Washington… Gritty vocals and gripping lyrics come from a place of reality, devoid of the buzzwords and cliches of today’s manufactured radio rock. Beckman and Fraser’s heavy guitars work together to compliment and add sophistication, not flash.” – The Mothership


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Odwalla Community Stage Line-up

The Community Stage is located on NE 42nd Street at 15th Avenue NE.


10:15-11:00 Scarlet Parke
Scarlet Parke Photo“Captivating indie pop singer-songwriter Scarlet Parke is a talented young woman from Port Orchard on the verge of Northwest prominence. Scarlet’s soulful piano ballads will captivate audiences across genders and ages.” – Scarlet Parke

11:15-12:00 Marina Beat
The Marina Beat Photo“The Marina Beat is a four piece Indie/Rock band from the shores and suburbs of Seattle Washington U.S.A. Their music is a fusion of American Indie Rock songwriting mixed and textured with Afro Cuban beats and rhythms.” – Eric Santos (Alternative Cardio Line Press)

12:15-1:00 Manigua
The Manigua BandManigua is a band of Latin fusion music with a taste of Afro-Cuban influence.

1:15-2:00 Purr Gato
Female fronted, dark wave pop band with vocal harmonies over driving synth lines and drums. If Depeche Mode and the Scissor Sisters had a baby, it would be Purr Gato.

2:15-3:00 Eclectic Approach
“Originally a hip-hop group, EA’s music has grown and developed into a blend of electro-funk, dance, pop and garage rock that feels and sounds like a party.” – Electric Approach

3:15-4:00 Shiftless Layabout
The Shiftless sound is a blend of rock & funk, grit & polish, brass dynamite and bass thunder. Combining wah-wah funk with a crunchy dose of southern rock, they have been grooving the Seattle scene, wowing audiences with their dynamic live shows, for the past 10 years.

4:15-5:00 Strange Jerome
Sultry Rock with a Touch of Twang

5:15-6:00 In Cahoots
“Discovering a band that churns out songs so catchy and infectious that the choruses get stuck in your head for days is diamond-rare, and Seattle, Washington’s In Cahoots is exactly that kind of gem of a band. In Cahoots, with their crushing guitar riffs, down-tempo melodies, and soaring, golden vocals, is the real deal.” – In Cahoots

6:15-7:00 Mister Mistah
“Forged in the rainy metropolis of Seattle, Mister Mista embodies that heady combination of raw rock ‘n’ roll, blues, and alt rock. At times haunting, at other times howling and primal, and always a force to be reckoned with. Influenced by the likes of Hendrix, Robert Johnson, and Queens of the Stone Age…” – EMP


11:15-12:00 Cherie Blues
Cherie Blues is a Seattle-based band whose tastes run from jazz, blues, and R&B to wing and standards.

12:15-1:00 Quichua Mashis
“Quichua Mashis is the culmination of fifteen years of dedication and determination. The members have worked together playing traditional and current music from the Andes Mountains. They have performed in Europe, South America, Japan, Canada and the United States.” – Quichua Mashis

1:15-2:00 The Winterlings
With songs as vivid as feature films, Alt-Folk duo The Winterlings take listeners on unexpected journeys through flooded barns and cedar forests, chemistry labs and ferries crossing Puget Sound. Featuring male and female lead vocals and harmonies, guitar, ukulele, violin, banjitar, and more.

2:15-3:00 Science!
Science! is an acoustic duo that blends many styles into a unique musical style. From singer/songwriter to improvisational rock, bluegrass to jazz, Science! loves music!

3:15-4:00 The Seattle Castaways
“Taking the instrument of the islands to a whole new place, The Castaways play covers of our favorite rock and roll modern classics — on the ukulele.” – The Seattle Castaways

4:15-5:00 The Highlife Band
Original Reggae Music from Seattle. Jamaican, French, and Spanish Caribbean rhythms. Direct, Conscious lyrics. Upbeat, animated, engaging performers.

5:15-6:00 Velcro Mindset
Velcro Mindset combines groovy, heavy, mellow, bluesy, psychedelic rhythms, to create an original Seattle rock band sound.


Live music All Day at Cafe Allegro
April 18, 2013 | 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
April 19, 2013 | 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.
More info:
Cafe Allegro
4214 University Way NE Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 633-3030

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