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2014 Global No Pants Day in Seattle Info + Pictures | Light Rail Ride, Photo Ops, Drinks

Seattle No Pants Light Rail Ride 2014

For one day only, it’s OK to forget your pants. The 11th Annual Global No Pants Day is January 12, 2014, and for the fifth year in row Emerald City Improv is hosting a meet-up. Start working on your cover story now, you don’t want to be late to this party!

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From website:
Seattle No Pants Light Rail Ride 2014No Pants Light Rail Ride Seattle 2014
January 12, 2014
2-4:30 p.m. | Light Rail Fare
More info: Facebook

Meet up: Westlake Park
4th Avenue & Pine Street, Seattle, WA

Emerald City Improv is proud to announce that we will again be having the No Pants Light Rail Ride, our 5th annual! Take off your pants, ride the light rail, and pretend that everything is normal! This year’s event will take place on Sunday, January 12th.

In case you’ve been in a cave and have never heard of this event- This is part of the No Pants Subway ride that the New York group Improv Everywhere started in 2002! It’s a really fun time, and a cheeky way (pardon the pun) to do something different and remind people that every day is another chance for something unique to happen!!

And for those of you saying it will be too cold- Uh, unless you forget your jacket too then No, it won’t be too cold!! (I wish I could type in that really high pitched whiny sarcastic voice that makes it clear that what I’m really trying to say is: Quit being a flippin’ cry baby!!) I hate the cold as much as anyone else, but the trains are heated, and it’s funny how fast you get used to it when you’re running around having fun!

You can find out more about them at and more about Emerald City Improv at

1) Take your pants off on light rail
2) Stay in character and don’t say what’s going on (keep a straight face- or at least try!). It’s fun to try and create a character and reason you don’t have pants (e.g. You just arrived on a flight at SeaTac and the airlines lost your pants, so you bring a suitcase to complete your character)
3) Wear non-offensive underwear
4) Pay your fare. This is the only fee for the event.
5) Bring a small bag or backpack to put your pants in during the event.

MEET AT WESTLAKE PARK at 4TH AVE AND PINE ST, at the arch across from Westlake Center. We will meet here at 2PM, and the event will run until 4:30pm. As in past years, we’ll try to arrange a post-event meet up for food and drinks. Check back here for more info on location closer to the date of the event.

You may NOT wear any revealing or “skimpy” clothes. If deemed too revealing, we will ask that you put your pants back on. This includes thongs, jock straps, ass-less chaps, whitey-tighties that can be seen through etc. Please use common sense. You are responsible for obeying the law.


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We know it’s super tempting to take tons of photos of you and your friends and your new friends and the guy wearing the cute pirate boxers, but please try and refrain from doing so. The event works so much better when everybody stays in character. There will be plenty of people taking pictures. If you’re a photographer or videographer and would like to volunteer to photograph or film the event, please contact [email protected]

Previous No Pants Light Rail Rides, where you can see photos and videos of what happens:


Seattle No Pants Subway Ride

Seattle No Pants Subway Ride

Seattle No Pants Subway Ride

Seattle No Pants Subway Ride

No Pants Light Rail 2011 by Flickr User Danielle Beagle.

No Pants Light Rail 2012 by Flickr User Suzi Pratt.

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