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Seattle 2017 Cinema Italian Style Film Festival @ SIFF Cinema Uptown | Features 16 Extraordinary Films w/ Some of the Biggest Names in Italian Cinema

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Cinema Italian Style 2017
November 9-16, 2017
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SIFF Cinema Uptown
511 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

For the ninth year SIFF is presenting its annual celebration of the best of current Italian films. The week-long event runs November 9 through November 16 at SIFF Cinema Uptown, and features sixteen extraordinary features with some of the biggest names in Italian cinema today.

The week kicks off on Thursday with our Opening Night film, At War for Love, a World War II period piece mixing history with outrageous comedy. Think Forrest Gump by way of Mel Brooks-equal parts funny, charming, and irreverent. Join us after the film for our Opening Night Party at SIFF Centro di Film (aka SIFF Film Center!) for hors d’ oeuvres and artisan wine.

Highlights include A Ciambra, directed by Jonas Carpignano (Mediterraneo) and Executive Produced by Martin Scorsese, a coming-of-age drama that’s Italy’s 2017 Official Oscar® submission; award-winning actress Valeria Golino from Cinema Italian Style 2016, Anna (For Your Love), is back as Emma, in Silvio Soldini’s (Come Undone) charming and absorbing romance; the Manetti Bros. latest Love and Bullets, a playful mafia musical where crooks really can croon; classic Italian film lovers will have an opportunity to see Vittorio De Sica’s 1952 neorealist masterpiece Umberto D. on the big screen; and The War of the Yokels, a rambunctious mixture of social satire, perilous adventure, and low-key fantasy, that plays like a cross between Lord of the Flies and The Goonies.

In addition, on Sunday, November 12 at 3:00 PM, Chateau Ste. Michelle will present an hour-long wine tasting event, prior to Wife & Husband, a wonderfully funny and romantic take on the body swap comedy.

We’re also proud to announce our guests for this year’s festival. Francesco Bruni (Noi 4) will be here to talk about two films we’re presenting; Everything You Want (director), about a man who takes a job as a companion for an elderly, Alzheimer’s-stricken poet; and Let Yourself Go (writer), starring the phenomenal Toni Servillo (The Confessions) this film about an uptight psychoanalyst whose life is upended when he becomes involved with a personal trainer, won the 2017 Italian Golden Globe for Best Comedy.

Lastly, our Closing Night film, Easy, will end the festival on a high note as our last guest, Italian director Andrea Magnani, comes to SIFF to discuss his lightly-paced, deeply observed film about a depressed man trying to transport a coffin from Italy to a village in the Ukraine. The festivities will continue after the film at Il Forniao, where you can indulge in delectable bites and affogato from Gelatiamo!

“Cinema Italian Style gets more exciting every year,” says SIFF Festival Programming Manager Stan Shields. “This year’s selected films are a great mix of comedy, documentary, and drama, with messages that are both incredibly timely and universal. We are proud to feature Sergio Castellitto’s Lucky, featuring a stunning, award-winning performance from actress Jasmine Trinca; the return of director Cristina Comencini (Cinema Italian Style 2015, Latin Lover) with her delightful, female-centeric, new sex comedy Something New; Fabio Mollo’s compelling love story There is a Light; and our Closing Night film, Easy with director Andrea Magnani in attendance, followed by a fantastic after-party at the Atrium in Pacific Place (catered by the one and only, Il Fornio). We’ve brought together a great mixture of award winners and big hits with Italian audiences-I’m pleased that Seattle audiences will have a chance to see them.”

Bookended by two fabulous parties and with very special guests in attendance, the week promises to be una settimana di film straordinario!


November 9: At War For Love
Italy | 2016 | 99 minutes | Pif (Pierfrancesco Diliberto) |  SIFF Cinema Uptown

Opening Night Film! In this WWII black comedy, the penniless-but lovestruck Arturo joins the US Army for a free ride to Italy, so he can track down Flora’s Sicilian father for permission to marry her.

Opens November 10: The War of the Yokels
Italy | 2017 | 100 minutes | Davide Barletti, Lorenzo Conte |  SIFF Cinema Uptown

With an eclectic cast made up almost entirely of children, this fable of a war between the ruling elite and lower classes plays like a cross between LORD OF THE FLIES and THE GOONIES.

November 10: Something New
Italy | 2016 | 93 minutes | Cristina Comencini |  SIFF Cinema Uptown

A love triangle between two 40-something friends and a 19-year-old is the basis for a comedy of crossed wires that pays tribute to the freedom of letting go, at any age, to the joys of sex and levity.

November 11: Umberto D.
Italy | 1952 | 88 minutes | Vittorio De Sica |  SIFF Cinema Uptown

Vittorio De Sica’s neorealist masterpiece follows an elderly pensioner striving to make ends meet in post-war Italy, and is widely recognized as one of the most compelling classics of world cinema.

November 11: Naples ’44
Italy | 2016 | 84 minutes | Francesco Patierno |  SIFF Cinema Uptown

Weaving together unique archival and feature film footage with Benedict Cumberbatch’s narration, director Francesco Patierno creates a vivid, lyrical account of post-war Naples.

November 11; There Is A Light
Italy | 2017 | 92 minutes | Fabio Mollo |  SIFF Cinema Uptown

Paolo and Mia, an introverted clerk and a unconventional pregnant woman, go on a road trip looking for the father of Mia’s unborn daughter. North American Premiere.

Opens November 11: Everything You Want
Italy | 2017 | 106 minutes | Francesco Bruni |  SIFF Cinema Uptown

When Alessandro takes a job as a companion for an elderly, Alzheimer’s-stricken poet, they slowly piece together Giorgio’s long-buried memories, revealing clues to a hidden treasure.

November 11: Emma
Italy | 2017 | 117 minutes | Silvio Soldini |  SIFF Cinema Uptown

When good-looking serial womanizer Teo meets Emma, a newly single blind physical therapist, neither takes it seriously. But emotions are hard to predict in this charming and absorbing romance. US Premiere

November 12: Wife & Husband
Italy | 2016 | 100 minutes | Simone Godano |  SIFF Cinema Uptown

Dazzling Italian superstars Pierfrancesco Favino and Kasia Smutniak sizzle on screen together in this romantic farce about modern relationships in this brilliant new take on the body swap comedy.

November 12: Let Yourself Go!
Italy | 2017 | 98 minutes | Francesco Amato |  SIFF Cinema Uptown

In this screwball comedy, An uptight psychologist gets more than just a physical workout when he signs up for personal training sessions with an attractive young instructor. Winner of the 2017 Italian Golden Globe for Best Comedy.

November 12: Holding Hands
Italy | 2017 | 103 minutes | Gianni Amelio |  SIFF Cinema Uptown

Profound and moving drama from Italian maestro Gianni Amelio exploring loneliness, heartbreak, and complicated family relations in modern-day Naples, anchored by understated performances from its superb cast.

November 13: A Ciambra
Italy | 2017 | 120 minutes | Jonas Carpignano |  SIFF Cinema Uptown

When 14 year-old Pio’s older brother Cosimo disappears and things begin to fall apart in their Roma community, Pio is forced to make an unexpectedly adult decision.

November 14: Love and Bullets
Italy | 2017 | 139 minutes | Manetti Bros. |  SIFF Cinema Uptown

Ammo may be flying but there’s always time for a sing-along in Love and Bullets, a playful mafia musical where the crooks really can croon in the latest Naples set adventure from the Manetti Bros. US Premiere

November 15: Lucky
Italy | 2017 | 103 minutes | Sergio Castellitto  | SIFF Cinema Uptown

Jasmine Trinca delivers an award-winning performance as a brassy young mother determined to create an independent life for herself. What she didn’t count on was a new romance with her daughter’s therapist.

November 15: Pawn Street
Italy | 2016 | 85 minutes | Irene Dionisio |  SIFF Cinema Uptown

Irene Dionisio’s debut feature is a gripping moral drama that interlaces three storylines around a pawn shop in Turin.

November 16: Easy
Italy | 2017 | 91 minutes | Andrea Magnani |  SIFF Cinema Uptown

Closing Night Film! Italian director Andrea Magnani finds the right tone in lightly-paced, deeply observed film about an obese and depressed man, Easy, trying to transport a coffin from Italy to a village in the Ukraine.

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