Aditi Chai Offering Free Delivery for Orders Over $50 | Authentic Masala Tea, Prized Family Recipe

Aditi Chai

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Aditi Chai is a hyper local woman owned Seattle company. We make the most authentic Indian masala chai and turmeric ginger tea. The tea is hand-crafted in batches in a small, yet pristine, commercial kitchen just minutes from downtown Seattle.

They are offering a holiday promotion of free delivery for orders over $50 within local Seattle area and some zip codes on the East side. Our products makes for a wonderful Holiday gifts!

The prized chai recipe has been with our family for generations, and has origins in the most “foodie” of Indian cities, Surat. We use locally sourced fresh herbs like lemongrass, mint and ginger along with dry spices sourced from a co-operative. Prepared Aditi Chai is distinguished through its complex multi-layered flavors. Each sip brings with it an anticipatory fragrance bouquet, early and late flavor tones, and a warm feeling as it goes down. The tea is spice-filled, yet not spicy; sweetened though not sweet.

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