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36 Million Hugged…It’s Your Turn – Meet Spiritual Leader Mata Amritanandamayi AMMA @ Edward D. Hansen Conference Center | Meet India’s Hugging Saint, FREE, Spiritual Talks

June 4-5 – Through her extraordinary acts of love and self-sacrifice, Mata Amritanandamayi, or ‘Amma’ as she is known has endeared herself to millions around the world. Tenderly embracing everyone who comes to her, Amma shares her boundless love with all – regardless of their beliefs, their status or why they have come to her. […]

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Creating Authentic Power @ IntraSpace

Seattle 2016 Awaken: Creating Authentic Power @ IntraSpace | Spiritual Awakening, Get Answers to Questions on Life, Death & Beyond, Memorial Day Weekend

May 28 @ IntraSpace – Stephanie takes you on a tour of her spiritual awakening that was a result of a near death experience in 2012. This experience catapulted Stephanie into a heightened state of awareness where she returned to her body with an open connection to the non-physical realm.

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