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Pipeline has worked with hundreds of Seattle & Portland companies to help them promote their events, music and art venues, theaters, restaurants, bars, store launches, and more. With our site traffic and large social media campaigns, we reach every demographic spending money on entertainment in the area.

Here are testimonials from Pipeline clients (highlights by us):


seattle center facebook imageSeattle Center

Two years ago when Seattle Center launched a brand new event, Seattle’s Best Damn Happy Hour, we knew we needed to attract a different audience: one that was younger, hipper, and that enjoyed unique, more adult experiences.  Our traditional marketing methods wouldn’t speak to the happy hour crowd, so we decided to focus our efforts on viral and digital marketing.  Our listing in Seattle Pipeline became a central piece in that effort.

In two years, we’ve developed a core audience of regular attendees, with new folks showing up every month.  Many of them heard about the event through Seattle Pipeline, and they continue to spread the word to others.  We are grateful for the Pipeline’s broad network and connections, and recognize the special ability the site has to reach that 20s-30s demographic who are seeking fun and unusual activities.

Pete Rush
Seattle Center Productions
Arts Programs Manager
305 Harrison Street, Seattle WA 98109
(o)  206.233.2608   (fax)  206.684.4183



highway 99 blues club

Highway 99 Blues Club

Promotion Example: Evening at Merlotte’s (33 comments, 139 social shares).

Seattle Pipeline’s broad reach into the community has brought us an opportunity to reach so many music and performance art lovers around the region! As an extra bonus, Seattle Pipeline’s staff has been nothing but friendly, generous, helpful and willing to go the extra mile, creating a partnership in advertising instead of a tedious challenge.

We highly recommend joining forces with Seattle Pipeline – you will not be disappointed!!

Jocelyn Beresford | Club Manager
Highway 99 Blues Club
1414 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98101
p: 206-382-2171
f: 206-382-7305


true westTrue West/Aladdin Theater

Promotion Examples: MythBusters  @ Paramount Theater (121 comments, 88 Social Shares), Steve Earle 2 Neptune Theater (28 comments, 100+ Social Shares).

True West Concerts and the Aladdin Theater began working with Pipeline in 2010, and are charging confidently on with no hesitation. Pipeline has successfully married their vibrant and assorted audience to True West’s ever-changing variety of concerts and performances.

We utilize Pipeline as a powerful buzz-building tool to get the word out about everything from folk-music to European thrash metal to indie rock to comedians.

Their ability to communicate with such a wide cross-section of the community matches up well with the massive variety of performances that we promote every year across the Northwest. The staff at Pipeline is efficient, hard-working and extremely helpful. They have become not only our business partners, but our friends.

Emily Wilder
Marketing & PR Director
True West | Aladdin Theater
Email: [email protected] | Phone: 503-234-9694


nectar lounge

Nectar Lounge

Seattle Pipeline has been extremely useful in helping Nectar get the word out about many of our upcoming shows. Fans are happy to earn a chance to win tickets to see the bands they love, and bands are happy for the extra exposure Pipeline brings to their shows! Best of all, Julian and the Pipeline staff are quite accommodating, and make the whole process a breeze.
Andy Palmer

Production Manager / Talent Buyer


Burlesque NutcrackerMichelle Sanders
Nanda, Teatro Zinzanni, Burlesque Nutcracker

Promotion Examples: Dinner at Wotan’s (68 comments, 54 social shares), Burlesque Nutcracker (40 comments, 47 social shares).

I am an independent PR and marketing consultant based in the Pacific Northwest. I have a variety arts and entertainment related clients such as Lily Verlaine and The Burlesque Nutcracker, Teatro ZinZanni, and NANDA — each of these clients has offered up tickets for promotional pr purposes to Seattle Pipeline and have seen a tremendous response.

The folks at Seattle Pipeline are wonderful to work with, too! I anticipate Seattle Pipeline successfully growing into one of Seattle’s premier resources for a&e happenings.

Michelle Sanders
Michelle Sanders Communications
(206) 595-1151


Shauna Broday
OutdoorFest & Risque’ Halloween Event at Showbox

The Seattle Pipeline has been nothing but amazing since the first time I contacted them for help promoting my event. I signed up for the Pipeline e-newsletter first and was consistently impressed with the breadth of events being promoted, and the clean and easy to find layout of the website. I decided to reach out to them for a family friendly urban outdoor festival I was producing, and it was posted on their site in less than a day.

I then reached out for a more edgy and not-so family friendly event and was so impressed by the same quick and enthusiastic response. Seattle Pipeline is really invested in supporting local events and successfully creates the buzz I am looking for. I will continue to reach out to them for all of my future events, and will do whatever I can do to support them in return. Definitely recommend!

Shauna Broday
OutdooFest & Risque’ Halloween


Electric RunElectric Run

We at Electric Run have partnered with several companies throughout our national tour, some effective and others much less so.  Both PDX and Seattle Pipeline ranked among the highest performers in any market and clearly know how to get the word out to an incredibly expansive demographic of active lifestyle enthusiasts.

There is no question in our minds that we will be using them for many years to come whenever we return to Seattle and Portland!

Drew Woodley
Marketing manager, Electric Run
Email: [email protected]


Roseland Theater / DoubleTee Concerts

We at the Roseland Theater and Double Tee Concerts have been very happy with our continuing relationship with Pipeline. The Facebook and Twitter ticket giveaways and posts have proven effective in promoting shows online, especially shows that involve internet sensation bands which can be hard to market via print/radio and which seem to be in abundance these days.

Pipeline has also stepped up when we needed it most at the last minute to help get the word out about a new development involving a show or to help fill the house if a show is suffering.  So it’s nice to work w/somebody who is willing to lend a helping hand in a time of need in return for our business.

Haytham Abdulhadi
Talent Buyer
Roseland Theater/Double Tee Concerts